Love ’em but can’t stand ’em!

So…every once in a while I have conversations with my children that drive me absolutely insane! I love my children to death!  I would die for them and I would kill for them. They are my life, my heart and my soul and they are the reasons why I do what I do.  But… (Yes there is a BUT)… sometimes the shit that comes out of their mouths irks me to no end and then what happens!?!? I can’t stand them in that moment!

This morning while driving to work my 13 year old sends me a text while I’m stuck in this God awful traffic on Route 287 N (in NJ). Now, if you’re from NJ you know exactly what I’m talking about… It is utterly ridiculous! Anyway, voice text is my best friend! Sorry, Back to the story. 

He sends me a text that reads: 

“Do I have to wear school uniform can I just wear addida pants” (he means Adidas, LOL and no he didn’t use punctuation… I wonder what the hell teachers actually teach in school these days). 

Sorry sorry, got sidetracked and went on a mini rant. 

Anywho, my response is “Are you allowed to wear regular clothes?” And he says “No but everyone is doing it”. So let’s stop here for a moment and think about what he said and what your reaction would be as a mother.  (I’ll wait……). 

Ok, so that’s the worst possible thing he could have ever said to me. (not the worse but you know what I mean). 

So right before he sent that to me and right after I sent my initial response I was going to change my mind and say ok go in your adidas pants, since it’s the last two days of school. However, I saw that response and it was almost as if something took over my brain and infuriated me that I said “fuck that, he’s wearing his uniform”. So my response to him was “Then no, wear your uniform. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should”.  

Now you would think the conversation would be over and we’d be done and I could go to work in peace. But NOOOOOOO… That couldn’t be! 

Here’s the rest of our conversation:

Antonio: But I don’t want to wear jeans

Antonio: It shouldn’t matter tomorrow is the last day

Me: You can wear regular clothes tomorrow for the last day of school.

Antonio: Come on it’s gym i do not want to wear jeans today it’s going to be hot

Me: No, wear your uniform and tomorrow you can wear what you want. 

Antonio: Forget it ill just wear it

Me: Ok

Me: Watch your tone Antonio. You don’t wanna start your summer on punishment. 

Antonio: These jeans just look like I’m wearing girl jeans

Me: You’ve been wearing the same damn jeans all year long. Now all of a sudden they look like you’re wearing girl jeans. Wear them and stop it! I’ll remember before school starts to not buy you skinny jeans anymore because that’s what those are. 

Antonio: Well I grow and now they look like girl jeans (he meant grew LOL)

7:27am Me: Well you didn’t have an issue with them last week. 

7:35am Me: Hopefully you’re done and are already on your way out the door. 

7:42am Me: Did you leave yet?

He finally answers me 15 minutes later LMAO

Antonio: Yes I’m at school

Me: So why didn’t you text me to tell me?

So he read my last text at 7:42 a.m. And it’s 8:57a.m. and still no response. So… Do you think he’s mad!? Nah, he just typed out a response and forgot to hit send because he was going into school for breakfast. 😂 Nope, not true. He hates me right now and I don’t care. 

Now, as a mom of two teenage boys, I understand that wearing a uniform to school isn’t ideal but it’s school policy and they have to learn to just deal with it. Regardless, like I have stated before – I love my kids to death but sometimes on days like this I just can’t stand them.

Much Love, Hugs & Kisses!

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