Jury Duty…Blah!

So I’m sitting in the Court House waiting because I was selected for Jury Duty. I have never participated in Jury Duty before; therefore, I don’t know what to expect. As look around, I see so many people who look just as miserable as I do to be here. The lady who is validating parking tickets and signing us all in is mean looking and a little rude. I’m afraid to look at her the wrong way because I’m afraid of getting into trouble LOL. I feel like a 2nd grader who is attending their first day of school. 

As the morning progresses we are brought into a courtroom to watch this God awful video about “How Important” jury duty is and how it’s our “Civil Duty” as Americans to be impartial. Blah blah blah!  Next we had to WALK four flights of stairs to some “Juror Lounge” (lounge my ass, it look like a supply room). Am I Right?!

Then I sit next to some lady who is coughing up her left fucking lung and spitting out fucking globs of mucus into a jar! No Lie!!!! It is the most disgusting thing ever!!! I even snap chatted her ass! Yes, I did!  I am soooo miserable! The thought of sitting next to someone like this and not being able to move immediately because some lady named Jeannette, is talking to us is horrifying. I eventually get up to use the restroom and what happens?!?!?! 




She followed me into the ladies room so I rush out and sit somewhere else. It was a row of chairs that had no one else sitting on them so I sat directly in the middle seat. And where does she sit when she comes out?!?!?!? 




Like seriously!? WTF?! I’m officially done! I now want to punch her in her throat! Pregnant and all, I don’t care right now. Take your sick ass somewhere else. 

Why must I endure this torture just so I can fulfill my “CIVIL DUTY”. Is it really a “CIVIL DUTY” if I’m forced to do it?! Why is Jury Duty mandated? Why can’t we just volunteer? Why are we threatened with a “$500 fine plus contempt of court, which could result in imprisonment”?  If I don’t go and they send me to jail is that going to “Teach Me A Lesson”? At this point, I’d rather pay the fine and go to jail than to sit here. 😕

I can feel it now, it’s going to be a long day! 


If you are ever called to Jury Duty and you’re coughing up a lung and spitting out bodily fluids stay the fuck away from people! Isolate yourself in a corner! Do us all a favor because you never know who has an infant at home or who may have children or loved ones at home with a weak immune system. 

I can’t wait to get out of here!  Wish me luck and pray for me! (Or pray for the person next to me). Hopefully this won’t be me.

Much Love, Hugs & Kisses!! 

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