Favoritism in the Workplace…

Let me start by saying I have been working since I was 17 years old straight out of high school. I literally started working 2 days after graduation. I have had 4 steady jobs (2 of them I worked at for 7 years, 1 for 5 years and the most recent over 2 years). So I have worked with all kinds of people with all different types of personalities. Nothing seems to surprise me anymore when it comes to people I work with but for some reason some of the shit people do still irks the living shit out of me!

This job that I currently have hasn’t been “God Awful” but it hasn’t been the greatest either. I have dealt with more petty childlike behavior here than what I deal with at home “WITH MY CHILDREN”!  Some of the women I work with have a tendency of looking at me and then rolling their eyes as if I just kicked them in the face and I’ve pissed them off. Listen, I haven’t kicked anyone anywhere but there have been many times I wish I could. Actually, one punch in the throat and I’d be a happy camper. 😂

Anyway, I see a lot of favoritism here that I don’t recall seeing at any other place I have worked at. The favoritism has more to do with my boss than with anyone else. I’ll explain what I mean. We have summer hours going on right now which means we work 4 days at 10 hours a day and we have off one day of the week that we choose. So many people were out yesterday and it was me, another lady, my boss and the little old lady who is retiring in 2 days in the finance department. My boss came over once to me to ask me about some cash numbers and a few times to socialize with the one lady while the old lady who is retiring as well as myself sat by and watched them socialize.

Fast forward to today, everyone in our department is here today. It’s a full house!  Well my boss came over to two of the women who were out yesterday and asked how their weekend was, what they did and how they were doing. She stood there socializing with them for half an hour or more. (Boss to the right and 1st co-worker to the left and 2nd co-worker who she spoke to after this first one is up ahead in the picture to the right).

Let me be clear about something, I am in NO WAY jealous of my co-workers and the attention they get from our boss. I just find it extremely unprofessional when your boss, who you should feel comfortable enough to talk to, makes you feel like an outcast and does not make you feel comfortable enough to talk to her about any issues or concerns.

I have seen so much favoritism around me here that it disgusts me and makes me want to quit. It saddens me because they show you this facade when they bring you in and hire you and that facade lasts for about a month or so and then little by little it begins to dwindle and the blinders come off and “wallah” you see the truth!

A little word of advice for you bosses who show favoritism, remember that favoritism does not boost morale. In fact, it causes Psychological Issues. Read the linked article. Be kind to everyone and treat everyone like equals. You never know who is watching and what they will do or say to others about you.

Much Love, Hugs & Kisses!

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