Quote Of The Day ~ Assumptions

There are things that happen in our lives that will force many of us to be cautious about people’s actions or lack thereof. Many of us will just question a persons motives and try to determine why they didn’t do something or why they did. Then there are many of us who automatically assume the worst about a person because of that persons actions or lack thereof. 

When people assume they come to a conclusion about a situation and believe that their assumption is spot on and then they live their life according to their belief. I found a meme online yesterday after having a conversation with someone about people assuming the worst about others. 

Here it is:

I find this quote to be spot on! People who assume things will always believe that their “assumption” is completely true leading them to react in such a way that it causes drama with all those who know that the assumption is just that “An Assumption”.  

Like this quote says, “This Creates A Whole Big Drama For Nothing”. 

What I don’t get is why people assume things?  Why not ask questions and gather the facts to come up with the truth than to make up lies to solely justify in their own head why someone doesn’t do something or why another person is the way they are?!?! Stop assuming and start questioning. You’ll be less stressed and live a more knowledgeable life. 

Much Love, Hugs & Kisses!!

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