Milestones Throughout Our Life’s Journey

So as the summer comes to an end, I sit and I think to myself that this has been a great summer. Although my family and I didn’t do much we still got to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company and that in and of itself is a great thing. 

As the summer ends a new school year begins for my boys and this is a milestone year for them. My oldest, Justin, will be a senior in high school and my youngest, Tony, will be an eighth grader. They both graduate this year and just the thought of them growing up brings tears to my eyes. 

My Boys, My Loves
Besides the milestones of both graduating this year there are also three other milestones that we are celebrating all within the next 7 weeks. Tony will be turning “13”, my baby girl Alexis will be turning “1” and Justin will be turning “18”. I’m filled with so many emotions because my first born will be considered a young adult, my second born will officially be a “teenager” and my baby girl is no longer an infant. Her age is no longer celebrated in months, but now years. 

My Angel sent from above
Time has gone by so fast over the last couple of years that I feel like I need to slow down to enjoy all these precious moments with my beautiful family. I need to make the memories last for more than just the instant in which they occur. I need to breath in the scents and admire the scenery so that I can appreciate all the things (good and bad) in my life, and realize that everything that is going on in my life at this moment is supposed to happen. I just need to embrace it and cherish it. 

We are given one life to live. How we live that life is up to us and no one else. Cherish the life you are given and learn to live each day as if it were your last day here. 

  • Don’t harp on the things you can’t control. 
  • Don’t focus on the negative.  
  • Don’t let anyone make you feel less than what you know you are. 

Being true to yourself is the only way to live. So be true to the person you are and be thankful that you have this life to live. Don’t take for granted anything or anyone in your life. 

Cherish these kinds of gifts, as they are gifts from God!

Much Love, Hugs & Kisses!

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