Feeling Lost?! Take a Break from Social Media.

Sometimes I go through my days in such an automatic way that I don’t take in anything I have said or done.  I can’t recall how I got to work or how I got home.  I don’t remember driving on the Turnpike… I don’t remember driving on Route 287.  I do these things everyday, at the same time, in the same way, that I do this automatically.  In doing so, I feel like I don’t take the time to appreciate life and the things around me.  I go through the motions of every day life and I never take the time to look at the trees or admire the blue sky or the raining falling from the dark sky.

Everyday responsibilities seem to take over and the enjoyment of being alive and being able to see and live another day just goes right out the window.  Why is that?  Why do we focus so much on the tasks that we “have” to get done today instead of focusing on the beauty around us?  The hustle and bustle of living a busy life with a family and work tends to overrun everything in our lives.  Why can’t we learn to do both?  Why must it be one way or another?  Why can’t we take the time to enjoy the world around us while still living that busy life?  So instead of rushing to get everything done by a certain time of the day why not take the time to stop at the park for 30 mins and watch our kids play unexpectedly?  The reason why is because the society we live in thrives on “organization” and “time management”.  We swear there isn’t enough time in the day to do all that we want to do but is that really the case?  Is it that we are just unorganized or is it that we spend too much of our time browsing social media sites instead of spending that quality time with our family?  It’s definitely the latter!

Living a busy life with children and a full-time job is definitely hard.  However, it’s also a blessing because we have a family that God has blessed us with and we have a job to take care of that family and provide for them.  What’s the problem?  The problem is that we spend so much time focusing on things that are not important (i.e. posting on social media or following someone’s Instagram or Facebook posts) that we don’t use our time wisely and take advantage of the precious and limited time we have with our family.  In my opinion, if we spent less time looking on Facebook to see what someone is posting and more time on seeing the look on our children’s faces when they’re playing in the park unexpectedly, we wouldn’t feel so stressed out anymore.

I’m going to “turn off social media” for a week and see how my life changes.  I’m going to see if I’m running late in the morning.  I’m going to see if I have the time to take my kids to the park and watch them play until dinner time.  I’m going to see how this change affects us all.  It definitely won’t be easy, but I am positive it will be worth it.

Much Love, Hugs & Kisses!


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